Find the Correct Roll Up Door Size for Your Space

The last thing you’d want is to purchase a roll-up door that is too small or too large for your business. Not only is this costly, but it may not even be possible to install the door if it is the wrong size. So, how do you find the correct size for your business? Follow these tips to ensure you pick the right roll-up door size for your needs.

Know Your Doorway Size

When finding the correct size roll-up door for your business, one of the first things you need to do is know the entryway or dock size. It seems like an obvious first step, but you must know the exact size of your space before beginning your search for a roll-up door. While most docks are standardized, if you own a mechanics shop or a large warehouse with roll-up doorways, the size of your specific opening will vary.

If unsure of the dimensions, take a measuring tape and measure from the top of the door frame to the bottom. Next, measure the width of the door frame from one side to the other. Remember to write down these numbers so you can easily reference them later. Measuring the width and height of each doorway will give you a good starting point. Once you have accurate measurements of all your doorways, you can shop for the correct size.

Consider the Type of Business You Operate

Your business type will be one of the most essential factors in determining the correct roll-up door size. For example, if you have a retail store, you will need a large door to accommodate customers and product deliveries. However, if you have a warehouse, you will need a tall door to allow for the movement of large equipment. In addition, you will also need to consider the amount of traffic that your business receives daily. That will help you determine the ideal door size for your needs. The larger the space you need to work with, the larger the door you need. If your business gets one delivery a day and the delivery contents are small, your roll-up door will likely be much smaller than a mechanic who sees cars go in and out all day long through their large roll-up doors.

Choose a Door That Fits Your Budget

Of course, your budget is another important factor when choosing a commercial roll-up door size. You want to make sure you choose a door that fits your budget and needs. While we know that larger roll-up doors will cost more than smaller ones, the material will also play a significant role in the pricing of your roll-up commercial door.

However, it’s also important to remember that investing in a quality door now may save you money by preventing the need for frequent commercial door installation, repair, or replacement. With this in mind, consider investing in the long-term cost when making your decision.

The Frequency of Use

How often will you be using your roll-up door? If you are opening and closing it multiple times throughout the day, you’ll want to ensure it’s the correct size and material and has the proper functionality. If the door is used frequently, you’ll want to choose a size and material that can accommodate the increased traffic.

Think about Future Needs

When planning for a commercial roll-up door installation, it’s important to consider future needs. For example, if you’re planning on expanding your business in the future, you’ll need to ensure that your door is large enough to accommodate the increased traffic. Similarly, if you’re expecting an influx of large deliveries, you’ll want to ensure that your door is big enough to accommodate them.

Otherwise, you may have to replace the door entirely, which can be costly. It’s best to be on the side of caution and choose a door slightly larger than what you currently need to avoid this. This way, you can be sure that it will still be able to meet your needs as your business grows.

Consider the Maintenance of the Door

When considering what size commercial roll-up door to purchase, it’s important to factor in the door’s maintenance requirements. Larger doors will require more time and effort to maintain, so you’ll need to factor that into your decision.

If you don’t have much time or workforce to dedicate to commercial roll-up door repair and maintenance, a smaller door may be a better option. Of course, the trade-off is that a smaller door may not be able to handle as much traffic or wear and tear as a larger door, so it’s important to weigh all your options carefully before deciding.

The type of door you choose should ultimately be based on your personal preferences and the effort and time you’re willing to put into maintaining it. By taking the time to choose the right door, you can ensure that it will last for many years to come.

The Climate

You’ll also need to consider the climate when choosing the size of a commercial roll up door. If your business is in an area with extreme temperatures, you’ll want to choose a door that can withstand the elements. For example, if you live in a place with very hot summers, you’ll want to ensure that the door is large enough to allow for proper ventilation.

Conversely, if you live in a place with frigid winters, you’ll want to ensure that your door is insulated to prevent heat loss. This way, you can be sure that your door will be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to find the correct roll-up door size, you can be sure that your door will fit properly and function as intended. Keep in mind that the door size is just one part of the equation – you also need to ensure that the door is installed correctly and compatible with your garage opener. With some research, you can find the perfect door for your needs and ensure that it will provide years of trouble-free operation. ASAP Commercial Doors is here to help Greater Phoenix business owners install commercial doors that make sense for their day-to-day business.