How to Protect Your Business From a Fire

As a business owner, it is important to keep your workspace as safe as possible. Knowing the dangers of workplace fires and having the right equipment and protocols set in place is crucial. One of the best ways to protect your business from fire is by installing fireproof doors, testing fire alarms on a regular basis, and keeping fire extinguishers on hand. ASAP Commercial Doors is the leading commercial door company serving greater Phoenix, and one of our most popular door installation services is Fire Rated Door installation. We know the importance of having a safe workspace and so should you. Check out our tips for our to protect your business from a fire below!


Know Your Risks 

Different types of fires have varying levels of risk. Chemical fires are more likely to occur in a production plant that uses flammable materials, much like grease fires are more likely to occur in the kitchen of a restaurant. 

You should determine what fire risks your company is most vulnerable to and take preventative action by completing a fire risk assessment. Review your local and national fire rules throughout your inspection, and find and eliminate any possible fire dangers in your workplace. If you find any risks that cannot be completely eliminated, take action to lessen the likelihood of a fire starting. Once you’ve completed your examination, document your results. 

Any fire evaluations should be followed up with an updated emergency preparation strategy. Inform your crew of the designated exits and meeting locations. Establish a safety officer to ensure everyone in the office is aware of their responsibilities. 

Setup Fire Safety Equipment 


Sprinklers and alarm systems help reduce many of the damages a structural fire can inflict. Although taking precautions to safeguard your business is crucial, a trustworthy alarm system is an efficient safety net to contain fires before they spread. An updated fire alarm is, therefore, a critical investment. 

Sprinklers and fire alarms make a complete fire defense system. All office buildings, shopping malls, and retail establishments must have fire alarms. State and local codes will decide precisely how many and where you need them, depending on your building and business.

Sprinklers provide a variety of alternatives for preventing fires in your place of business. The most popular type of sprinkler is one that sprays water. For uncovered spaces that might get below 40 degrees, you can also think about installing a dry sprinkler system. A foam sprinkler system will eject a fire-suppressing foam that is exceptionally efficient against flames in flammable liquids. 

Fire Alarm System

Modern advanced systems have several unique advantages that increase security and comfort of mind. Integrating sophisticated fire alarms with security and access control allows you to get remote notifications during an after-hours fire. When a fire is discovered, monitored alarms will quickly notify the fire department. Addressable or “intelligent” fire alarms are other names for these alarm systems. Your building’s automated and manual fire alarms should be monitored to determine when a repair is necessary. 

Fire alarms have sensors that can detect heat, flame, or smoke. Additionally, manual tools like pull stations, buttons, and break stations may be present. The system will also include bells, strobes, horns, chimes, or other devices to warn people of a fire.

A check must be done on alarms that are hardwired into the electrical system of the building to make sure they adhere to all applicable building and fire rules. 

Additionally, it will ensure that every sensor is linked together so that when one of the units detects smoke, the alarm will go out across the whole building. 

Before installing any fire protection systems, a contractor must obtain a City of Phoenix Fire Department Business Certificate.

Maintain Your Fire Doors 

The majority of us frequently overlook fire doors in the ordinary course of events. Many buildings’ fire doors are frequently broken or stuck open. This isn’t an issue in everyday life or even during prepared fire drills, but it might have severe consequences in a genuine fire tragedy. 

Droughts and airflow have a significant impact on how quickly a fire spreads. Fire often spreads along the route of least resistance. A fire is more likely to enter through an open door, from a jam, or from it being propped open. This might prevent people from reaching for the exits in a real fire.

A regularly maintained fire door will save many fatalities in the same scenario by keeping the fire and smoke contained.

You owe it to every individual entering your building, as well as to their families, to maintain your fire doors. The legal repercussions of not doing it outweigh the moral duty of doing it by a wide margin.

Straighten Your Paper 

Paper left close to heaters and appliances is a fire waiting to happen. All paper materials should be sorted away from potential fire sources. Everything your office no longer needs should be recycled or thrown away properly.

Watch Out for Electrical Circuits and Office Equipment 

Copier machines, desktop computers, laptops, and similar devices might overheat and start an electrical fire. Any device, including the coffee maker and the printer, has the potential to generate heat and ultimately cause a fire near flammable objects like paper. 

Cords that are torn, squeezed, or damaged might catch fire. Around carpet flooring, that can be especially dangerous. Avoid overloading circuits when you choose where to connect appliances, gear, and other electrical cables. Regularly check wires for damage, and switch off machinery when it’s not being used. 

Plan of Evacuation 

Your company should create an evacuation strategy with various scenarios to best prepare employees for fire-related or other evacuations.

When a risky situation happens, the strategy must immediately go into action. All evacuation strategies should be explained to all employees and internal emergency staff and, if feasible, outside agencies so they can assist if needed. 

Depending on the company’s size, an evacuation plan should provide meeting places, outline roles for individuals responsible for carrying it out and specify the standards for determining when to evacuate the building. 

Every employee in your organization must understand the evacuation strategy, and drills should be carried out annually with various test runs. 

Protect Your Business from Fires

When it comes to your business and protecting the people inside your business, you should take every safety precaution necessary. From fire-rated doors to simple evacuation procedures, take the necessary steps to protect your business and employees from fire.

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