Why Update to Automatic Doors

Installing automatic doors is one technique to make it easier for your clients to enter your structure or place of business. Commercial automatic doors, sensor-automated doors, automatic swinging doors, handicap automatic doors, and automatic sliding doors are just a few available door alternatives. Whatever your requirements, there is an automatic door type that would be ideal for your particular business and structure. 

Our expertly skilled and educated automatic door specialists at ASAP Commercial Doors are aware of the importance of enhancing and preserving the accessibility and security of your organization. To conveniently meet the needs of your staff, clients, and customers, we are professionals in repairing and maintaining commercial automatic doors. An automatic door can offer significant advantages to your team, visitors, and clients regardless of your door style.


Everyone may enter and leave your workplace easily with commercial automatic doors. This is significant for everyone—clients, visitors, and staff. Hands-free entry is made possible by automatic doors, making it more accessible for both those with impairments and those who just have a full hand. Automatic doors also significantly enhance traffic flow into and out of extremely busy locations. Automated door systems make it easier for your clients and staff to accomplish their jobs while also improving the efficiency of your company. 


Every business must ensure that customers and staff can easily access the space. People with disabilities have barrier-free access to your facility thanks to commercial automated doors. An automatic door option also guarantees that your establishment complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There are numerous configurations with the various automatic door kinds available to match your company’s needs, the available space, and give accessibility for your visitors. It’s critical to maintain the functionality and maintenance of your automatic doors. If you want to be able to quickly meet the needs of clients and customers, it is crucial that they are operating effectively. 

Higher Security 

As an added security step, automatic doors can also assist in safeguarding your company. In particular, sensor-automated doors provide you with control and oversight over who enters the firm. For instance, if your business space is exclusively accessible to employees, they can enter the facility using keycards or IDs compatible with the sensor-automated door. By doing this, you can maintain your workplace’s security and safety and ensure that only the right individuals are coming in. 

ASAP Commerical Doors Automatic Door Services 

Expert services for automatic doors are provided by ASAP Commercial Doors. All automated doors, whether sliding or swinging, can be serviced by our qualified AAADM-certified door expert. As the best provider of automatic door maintenance in Phoenix, we provide top-notch services. We provide a variety of commercial automatic door services, such as: 

You may confidently choose an automatic door for your business, knowing ASAP Commercial Doors will keep it maintained and operating at peak efficiency. Contact our dependable commercial automatic door specialists who can offer the services you want if the automated doors at your company are not functioning correctly.

Reduce Congestion 

Automatic doors open widely to help handle two-way traffic. They are the ideal answer for establishments like shops, hotels, airports, malls, shopping centers, convention centers, and other structures that frequently host huge people. They become convenient when people are shopping or traveling and have their hands full with bags, packages, and suitcases. All visitors can enter hands-free through automatic doors without struggling with knobs and handles.

Boost Cleanliness 

Door handles lack sanitary design. Dirt, grease, and sweat are left behind by everyone who touches them. When people enter and leave your building while sick, their germs quickly spread to everyone. Pressure mats and motion sensors are used to operate automatic doors. No physical touch is necessary to safeguard the well-being of your employees and clients. 

Saving Energy 

A significant source of energy loss is doorways; the heat or cold air can enter quickly when they are open. Your heating and cooling systems go into overdrive as a form of restitution. Before it appears on their electricity bill, the majority of business owners are unaware that it is happening. 

Such disturbances are minimized with automatic doors. They only open when necessary and swiftly close afterward to prevent the infiltration of outside temperatures. 

Automatic Door Types 

There is no one-size-fits-all for automatic doors. There are numerous varieties, each one appropriate for specific kinds of structures and organizations. 

Slidable Doors

Probably the automatic door you are most accustomed to. Instead of swinging outward or inward, these doors slide back along their frame. A fantastic space-saving approach. 

Foldable Doors

These doors are accordion-folding hinged panels. They enable swift movement across constrained spaces. 

Swung-open doors

These open and shut like ordinary doors, sometimes operated by a push pad or fob. A cost-effective option for building owners.


Mark and Rachelle Benishek established ASAP Door Repair & Service, Inc. in March 1999. The two initially set up the workplace in their closet. Mark had been in the business for ten years, while Rachelle had been managing offices for at least ten years. They put a lot of effort into growing the company, which now serves thousands of customers annually throughout the entire valley. We are pleased to say that as a team, we have developed connections with general contractors, facilities management, and property management firms all around the country. Our initial goal included becoming the leading supplier of commercial door services in the Greater Phoenix area. After our company’s founding, ASAP Commercial Doors is glad to state that we have achieved this goal and many others. So by choosing us and contacting us NOW, we can make great changes together!

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